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23 September 2009 @ 01:28 am
Dum, dum, dee-dum, dum, dum, dee-dum...  
So...the wedding is coming up in a little over two months now, and I'm starting to panic JUST A LITTLE BIT.
Which may have contributed to my development of asthma, but then again, knowing my disease-prone history, probably not. On that front, it's not going so well, and I will probably have to begin routine (i.e. daily) nebulizer treatments as the handful of inhalers I currently use aren't working.
But back to the wedding. I'm excited--I just got the wedding party favors in from Costa Rica (yes, Thellie and Michelle, you're getting nifty Costa Rica stuff) and the regular wedding favors in from (insert company name here), so the rest of you who read this who are coming will also be getting something nifty and a bit out of the ordinary. Very little left to do, actually, except for find a nifty car to leave the reception with. And have it out with the photographer over who is in what picture and how many and where and such. Other than that, things are pretty much set. Which is terribly exciting, because I always thought that weddings were horribly nightmarish in the putting-together bits and all one could do afterwards was collapse into the nearest convenient chair and mumble "so glad it's over!" to the nearest conscious body. Not to say that that won't happen, but thus far things have been running relatively smoothly. Which means I have pretty much jinxed everything now.
Oh, yes, and apparently I've been missing work not for my rather (read: extremely) dramatic and sudden onset of asthma, but because of gastric bypass surgery. Must have gone wrong or something, for me to miss so much work. If anyone feels like telling me about how I decided to get the surgery done, or what went wrong, please tell me, because I'm totally blanking. Must be the inhalers. Or the ativan, but that's a different story.
Current Music: Wedding Stuff
Thelliemalruniel11 on September 24th, 2009 04:30 am (UTC)
Eek! I'm so excited to see you!

Um... the surgery bit... well... I *swear* it wasn't me who started that rumor!